Tight Teen Ass
ohh id love to slap that TTA
by morgan22 December 05, 2011
Top Definition
Means Tap That Ass.
As Said By Ludacris In His New Song "Sexting."
'Can I Tap That Ass.? (TTA)'
by ChelseyBby February 24, 2010
Abbreviate for "text the address"
Sharkeisha: hey kickback at

furonda's at 9 wanna come

Latoya: yeh bitch just tta
by Ashawanabufondaqubolafondrea November 29, 2013
abbreviation for tap-that-ass
"that guyz hott"
"yea id tta that"
by souljah69 April 23, 2006
Abbreviation for "tend to agree," or "I would tend to agree." Used primarily as a lazy way to say "I would tend to agree," or in online instant messaging.
Sam: "Our English teacher is rather shallow and pedantic."
Bobby: "TTA, shallow and pedantic."
by Amaranthian March 19, 2008
This topic again. Used in forums where people continue to make the same topic over and over again.
N00b: OMGZ GTA IV delayed again!!!1!1
Proper user: TTA noob, look before you post.
by TurboPhoenix April 17, 2008

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