A sound of irritation to be used when one is seriously annoyed.
Tss, you are so STUPID!
by Jessalicious April 09, 2003
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Acronym: This Shit Sucks
SN1: This class is pissing me off.
SN2: I know, man. TSS.
by Daisuke Matsuzaka April 17, 2007
Toxic Shock Syndrome; illness caused by leaving a tampon in too long
Ross Demay has T.S.S.
by Ron Golden October 01, 2003
Toxic Shock Syndrome- when a female leaves her tampon in too long. Doesn't happen every time you leave it in too long, but it's still not good. Tampon's should usually only be left in for 6-8 hours. Over night is also not the best thing. TSS is a harmful disease, and can cause death but not often.
"Sarah has TSS because she left her tampon in too long. Idiot."
by iheartyou October 29, 2005
means" That's what She" said but without the W beacuse it will just sound stupid
why is it every time i push it gets harder Cristina said, robert then replied with TSS, then cristina responed with a face plam to the face
by HeymanY2K June 09, 2010
Acronym for The Screen Savers
TSS is a computer / technology television show on the G4TECHTV network.
by Qbert July 24, 2004
TSS = Turbo Slut Syndrome.

TSS is the syndrome that causes a person to be a turbo slut, TS.
Rebecca suffers from TSS.
by Koinasake November 10, 2005

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