BROOOOO, Tropo is like better then the best, Legit as, off that beano! It's pretty much the greatest compliment you can ever recieve.
If we were to send an eel flying into the sky it would be TROPO!
by mauriiice June 15, 2010
Top Definition
acronym- The Religion Of Perpetual Outrage. At one time known as "the religion of peace", Islam has become known as The Religion of Perpetual Outrage (TROPO). Repeated violent acts undertaken in response to perceived offenses to Islam or "the Prophet" (Mohammed) have made it all too obvious that radical muslims need little provocation to cause them to retaliate against "the infidels". It's "almost" as if they're looking for reasons to be outraged.
TROPO was responsible for yet another so-called suicide bombing killing 46 muslim women and children.
by wombat247 March 25, 2008
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