Acronym for The Revival Of Cheese.

A group of better-than-those-others people that joined TROC.
"wats troc???"
"That doesn't matter to you..."
by Psycho[TROC] March 14, 2008
Top Definition
(1) Acronym -- The Rest of Canada. Pronounced "tea-rock".

(2) TROC is a very regional thing:
(a) If you live in the Maritimes, then it is anything west of Quebec;
(b) If you live in Quebec, it is English-speaking Canada;
(c) If you live in The GTA; then it is anything past the Greenbelt.
(d) If you live in Windsor, Ontario; then it is anything outside of Essex County, Ontario.
Q: How's the economy?
A: Not bad here. TROC sucks, though.
by km519 February 09, 2009
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