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a tweaker on a bike
did you see that tob over there? where did that tob go?
by Crystal Bangs May 14, 2013
3 2
(Noun). The name of a person that is self-obsessed, unneccessarily aggressive, ignorant and obscenely arrogant. A complete and utter cunt.
Fuck off TOB, wow you really are a self-obsessed, unneccesarily aggressive, ignorant and obscenely arrogant CUNT
by Claw Crew November 25, 2007
70 41
tig ol' bitties (a.k.a Big ol' titties)
Damn look at those tobs on that chick!

Guy 1: What are tobs?
by remairwaldo August 04, 2009
17 2
Tournament of Bitches.

Take the 64 team NCAA March Madness Bracket and fill it out with 64 females of your choice, 4 brackets with rankings 1-16. Normally, a group of males will be in charge of the TOB and you will have a selection committee to vote on the designated match up between two females. Winner advances. Continue until Champion. Present female with trophy after completion of the TOB.

It is supposed to be ran the same way of the tournament, so when there is a game on TV, where that game is in the bracket, those females face each other. Who ever looks better that day wins.

Also, Make sure to keep it a secret from everyone, including the girls competing in the tournament. You do not want them to have any biased decisions when decided what to wear in the morning.
Ex 1:
Brian: Dude I know my girlfriend is a #1 seed and all but she just didn't bring her A game today. I can't believe she is wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants today. She's definitely not getting my vote today, but I am also dumping her ass after class. I can't believe she let me down like that.

Ex 2:
Brad: Dude did you see Kelly in those white pants she was wearing today?

Mike: Yeah, her ass looks great, especially with that purple g-string she is wearing. If she keeps it up she will have an easy road to the championship game.

Ex 3:
Man, the T.O.B. is pretty dramatic this year. You would have thought #3 seed, Jenny, was a shoe in today against #14 seed Gina, but those sweatpants Jenny wore just didn't cut it and Gina definitely brought her A game.
by Floseidon January 05, 2010
6 4
A homosexual male who is open to giving or receiving anal sex. A merging of the words top and bottom.
That guy is a power Tob.
by Bob loves Todd March 30, 2012
4 3
Tits On Belly.

When a woman has such pendulous and empty saggy sacks of skin hanging from her chest, they are more belly than tit.
Dan to Mike "Woah! look at Carin at the beach! Worst case of T. O. B. i EVER saw!"
by DonaldQuixote April 25, 2012
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Track Over Bitches

Track always comes first
Dreton: Yo D-Rel, this fine ass bitch wanna get it witch you in the bathruum
D-Rel: Fuck that shit, I gotta warm up for the 55 Meter Dash Finals nigga
Dreton: ah shit you're right man, TOB!
by D-Rel123432332145876 December 22, 2011
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