Totaly Naked Dump. The pinnacle of relaxation.
I just had the greatest t.n.d of my life.
by John Y February 05, 2004
Top Definition
Tuesday Night Drinks.
Going out for drinks on a Tuesday night. Popular among single people, less popular among those with a family.

Also see:

The Mrs isn't home 'till 11, you up for TND?
by Milanifan September 15, 2010
Police jargon to be used for the really shitty area of town which is usually primarily ococupied by races of "color".

TND, Typical Ni@@er Deal, is the resultant complaint registered by the Police when they are repeatedly sent to assinine calls in which there is NO RIGHT ANSWER OR WAY TO HELP.
Dispatch: "42 and 43, disturbance at 512 Ford street".

Patrol Officer: "42, received."

(to other officer on back up via MDT, Mobile Data Terminal), "Oh shit, here we go again, what a TND!!!!!!
by T&E August 16, 2005
T 'n' D -"T and D"

Titties and Dragons. Like T'n'A but with dragons.
Getting ready to watch some Game of Thrones to get my TND on.
by Snowdog312 January 11, 2014
Thursday night drinking,

used when you know its only a half day at work tomorrow, and proberly not go !
are you ready for tnd?? go!!
by darrylsgay December 13, 2007
Telecomm engineer who wants to be a sloppy Mexican.
Damn, fix my phone TND!
by Pep October 24, 2003
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