A 1 dollar bill with Mr.T on the the front and the A-Team van on the back. Always drink your milk ya fuckers!
T-Money is cool
by T-Money May 01, 2003
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Tha Money .. some nigger who has alot of money
fuck look who it is ..TMoney
by BrownBen October 11, 2004
A tall, poetic individual. Usually dressed fresh, as if the onsomble was just bought. Definatley one with great advise and a good, mature view on alot of deep and interesting topics. To sum it all up, a great guy that you can look up to(literally and figuratively), an under appreciated rapper, and a BOSS of the 509.
Yo! T-MONEY, im about to lay down the sickest beat... Kick that freestyle about the necrophiliacs.
by subarustu January 28, 2009
An alter ego of a VMI cadet. The power of his hoodness only comes to him when he wears his shades. He is so hood and most people are jealus of his hoodness.
Look at how hood Tmoney is his ducks are so low.
by The real Tmoney April 14, 2010
First single from the ten hit (AT LEAST) wonder band The Illogistics. this shit is gogo gadget mother fuckin' platinum... check them out on myspace!
Sample Lyrics:

T-money , T-money, you gotta walk a mile to read the pussy file.

T-money, T-money, you gotta pay the fare to get that ass bare.

gogo gadget rhyme!!!
by illogistics#1fans4eva February 24, 2009
A person who is a "tool" or too cocky for their own good. Someone who thinks they are cool/trying to sound cool, but fail horribly.
What man, Im T-Money..THE GREATEST

Wow, leave now.
by strue14 October 23, 2007

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