Too many vaginas.
The girls took a long road trip and there was constant bickering. It was a clear case of TMV.
by Oregontrials January 01, 2009
Top Definition
TMV stands for The Mars Volta. The most fucking kickass band on the planet.
Me: Have you heard of TMV?
You: No
Me: That makes sense because you are an MTV watching conformist.
by natalie January 23, 2005
Too much Visual
"Dude, they were all over each other, it was waayy TMV."
by RandomChick222 April 09, 2010
TMV abbreviation for team malt vinegar.
A group of talented young stoners who like to drink and have a funny time and enjoy the company of girls if you know what I mean!!!!
Gfors,john, johnny, nickers, both olls,jonj,marsden,nath
by GFors March 16, 2004
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