Too Late Family.
a Auckland city street gang known for violence and drug crime.
"yeah baby, TLF on the trap, Blau."
by Oh No Bruno October 26, 2011
That Lady Fine. Ypu see someone thats hot u can say that if u want to be discrete.
Shit dude, TLF

"Hey TLF." "I know right, Im a get her number."
by tdsr August 08, 2006
The Last Fap. When you are going on vacation or you know when your going to be away from home for more than 4 days, you get your phone and you get crazy!
Guy #1 Hey Tim wanna hang out?
Guy#2 sorry bro we're going to Florida in a few hours gotta do TLF
by Tim underpants May 22, 2016
Tits Liquor Food
Pedro, you and Brooke can go do your dumb old person tourist things and us cool kids will get some TLF before we meet back up.
by littlebabydickpedro March 25, 2016
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