A woman with a pair of big ol titties either real or fake.
Damn gurl u got some big ol tigglebiddies.
by Goldy25 July 28, 2005
Top Definition
BIG OL TIDDIES! (switch B and the T in the phrase and compress everything).
That gurl got some TIGGLE BIDDIES!
by Joshiro007 February 12, 2003
giant and adnormaly amazingly pair of wet sopping tittys that you want to put your face in between and motorboat
Look at those tiggle biddies on her!!
by shorty0336 December 31, 2008
A term derived from the scrambling of the phrase "big 'ol titties" which means exactly that. Tits you could drop kick.
For shit's sake, the last time I saw tigglebiddies like that, my mom burped me.
by BiggJussn July 10, 2005
A sexier form of a boob, fun to squeeze, or it is a Plumb version of a man titty, which is very nice.
GUY 1: YO! That girl got some Tiggle Biddy (s) on her!

GUY 2: No way, that guy is packin a way nicce pair of Tiggle Biddy (s)
by V8AL March 10, 2010
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