An amazing device that you can put math test answers into and then cheat on the test without anyone ever suspecting.
i got a 100% on a math test becuase i used my TI-83 to cheat
by calculators rule November 27, 2006
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1) The best graphing calculator for Algebra I through Calculus.

2)The easiest way to play games in school. Download specially made games for your TI-83 off the net or from another TI-83 and tell your teacher you're doing math homework when you're really PWNING your friend at space invaders
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
A now outdated but still useful graphing calculator. Cannot be purchased anymore, replaced with ti-83+. Commonly used to play games in class or cheat on tests by typing in your notes (you know you did). Less powerful than ti-89 but quite perfect for High School use.
So I typed up my notes on my ti-83 last night. Want a copy?
by BKred January 18, 2004
Probably the most common graphing calculator. Made by texas instruments.
TI-83 time Krackn0r! Im gonna PWN j00 @t sp@Ce invADerz!
by Joe the MOFO September 27, 2003
a mechanical angel
thank god i have my TI 83, lest I should fail math
by booger September 10, 2003
A device created by Texas Instruments primarily as a productivity sink for math students. Has long since been replaced by models capable of creating even more distraction (like the TI-84 Plus).
It is true that I would never have gotten through college calculus without my TI-83, but seriously -- what did my professor think I was doing with it out in the middle of friggin' July with all the other summer school tards?
by January 07, 2007
a calculator that if you learn how to make games for, everyone will call u a nerd forever

i wish i never learned how to make ti-83+ games
"look at that nerd playing with his ti-83"
by stupidman August 25, 2006
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