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A Highly Specific area on the Human body used to to point to when one has nothing else to say!
"Hey Dude...Instead of Thanking Ya Sister, Thank THIS!" or "Listen here Pally, why do you insist on taunting THIS!"
by P2J March 29, 2013
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One-word response placed after a quote on a message board as an affirmation of the author's agreement with the quoted person's view or opinion. Commonly used on
Some guy: "Nice to see that the human race has advanced to the point of using robots to poke things with a stick."

Another guy (after quoting above): This.
by J. Harvey September 17, 2007
1304 170
something you can't touch.
"can't touch this" -MC Hammer
by CPast101 June 14, 2009
814 183
A slang word used on popular internet forums which means "I agree with you 100%" or "that is very true."
ladiesman217: "The Transformers was the best movie EVAR."
fattyman3: THIS
by British Columbia January 04, 2008
636 128
This is sparta.
by Gitfiddlefeller January 22, 2009
416 305
A pronoun which you can put at the end of any noun and make it sound like a derogatory statement. The practical outline of such a statement is: {insert noun} this. Usually a physical gesture follows the statement.
Teacher: Where is your homework?
Student: *grabs crotch* Homework this.

Parent: Did you go to school today?
Kid: *scratches nuts* School this.
by punkbass_20x6 January 14, 2006
284 204
A verrry pretty girl (dep gai) and will be beautiful when grown up.
dang she looks soo Thi!
by Johnnn December 20, 2005
111 57
A shorthand way of saying you agree with someone else's opinion. Often found online on message boards and chatrooms, but can also be used in real life.
Major.Trollster: OBAMMA IZ TEH N00B!
Sockpuppet_01: this

Jessie: "Cold Stone Creamery is way better than Ben & Jerry's."
James (pointing at Jessie): "This."
by Born Blitzed August 11, 2010
94 41