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any man with a big hammer who has complete control over any person they come into contact with. can not be stopped by any natural weapons in the world.

origin: there once was a man who travels all over the world and one day he had to spend the night in a small town. so one night he see every one over at the old town theater so he goes to see what all the fuse is about and he cant find a seat anywhere. he finds a seat finally just as the curtains open. all of a sudden every one in the room starts chanting . GOLDSTIEN GOLDSTIEN GOLDSTIEN.
then a guy walks out onto the stage and stands next to a table were three walnuts are laying. and as fast it could be he whips his mighty hammer out and cracks all three. and every one cheers as the curtains close. a few years later this man was back in the same small town. he decides at night he was gonna go see if this man was still doing his show. so he goes back to the old town theater were ever ones chanting GOLDSTIEN GOLDSTIEN GOLDSTIEN. as like before the curtains open and a more elderly man walks out but instead of walnuts on the table they were coconuts. but he still whips his hammer out and cracks them. this man was so surprised he went back stage to talk to this GOLDSTIEN. and when he asked him why he switched to coconuts. GOLDSTIEN just turned with a straight face and said MY EYES AREN'T AS GOOD AS THEY USE TO BE
girl: wow i just saw THE GR8 GOLDSTIEN break a bunch of coconuts with his mighty hammer

girl2: i know i saw it to, i think i might get a privet showing
by The Gr8 GOLDSTIEN February 05, 2010
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