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The FLASH is probably the most well rounded avp2 player to play the game. He's most known for his Predator skills, the best meele bar none and one of the best light preds if not the best to ever play. His human is no joke either as hes one of the top snipers and pulsers to still play. He not only beats you but steps on your neck when your down. Ruthless m efer

His alien is just scary. Although not as developed as his other two classes, his predalien moves like lightning. If he gets within 5 feet of you consider yourself focked.

The only thing more deadly than his skills is his dashing good looks.
noob1: omg im afraid omg!!
noob2: where is he!?
The Fl/\SH: behind you mother focker mhuahuwuha btw I focked your girl too.
by avp2observer August 19, 2007
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