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Drops obtained by soaking weed basically for a month or 2 in Grain alcohol or food grade glycerin.

(note heat is used in the process of making it there for the dangerous alcohol 'evaporates' and is filtered)

You will need ONE CUP of food grade glycerin.
ONE OUNCE of top grade bud....chopped up with scissors or a burst in a cuisinart.
A Quart jar with a good SEAL.

((u can use less glycerin and less bud if needed.. just bust out the calculator))

Put the ingredients in the jar and give it a shake for about 5-10 minutes a day for two months. (IT IS WORTH the TIME!)

Press out the glycerin and strain well; and put in brown bottles with eyedropper.

I use a professional food press, so I get back the total amount of glycerin plus a little extra. A ricer will also work well if you line it with cheesecloth.

The medicine is as good as what you put into it. I find this a very good way to medicate at social functions. I carry mine in an herb tincture bottle. A drop or a dropper under the tongue is a good way to find relief.

For me, this shit is killer.. I did three THC Drops first time, and I had a hard time moving from the spot that I was in, 3 hours later, it lifted a tad bit but shit its like smoking a blunt of some widow its crazy.
by TheeBeezenit October 23, 2007
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