An acronym for The Grabage Bin, a subforum on the flashflashrevolution.comffr forums.
Many long dead memes are accidentally revived in TGB.
by Samineru June 08, 2006
Top Definition
"Trouble's gonny burn!"

When you know trouble is brewing ... shows your knowledge of future trouble.
"Video game"; Ammo and Health before a boss battle , "Ho,ho trouble's gonny burn..."
Abbreviated; tgb
by MarcTheDarc March 06, 2009
Team Gangster Brawl. Online mode game in Saints row. Used in text messegs.
hey wana go play some tgb.
by SMOKEYBONE August 27, 2009
Thieving Gypsy Bastard. British slang.
Dale farm was full of TGBs.
by JMUK September 30, 2012
This is a rough acronym for TransGenderBender: referring to an individual spending greater than one day (24 hours), consistently have sexual relations with trans-genders.
hey dude, instead of going on a cocaine bender, im going to go on a TGB and solicit and have sex with fine ass trannys for a few days.
by Miguel Pogostick February 11, 2011
Typical Government Behaviour: The stereotypical behaviour or anything to do with the behaviour of governments/politicians in general. eg wasting taxpayer money. giving away taxpayers money. introducing policies or laws that nobody wants, or that are unpopular like internet censorship etc. selling out or going against the wishes or interests of the people, in favour of the interests of lobby groups or corporations.
Voter #1, I can't believe the government is going to censor the internet after listening to religious zealots and big corporations.

Voter #2, Well that's just TGB!!..
by Lastindependentthinker December 03, 2009
(Tåke Gutten Barsk) = fog boy though.
the devil in Røyken (norway) who makes glen and lolita miserable.
oh my god, i cant believe it. it's the T.G.B.(!!!)
by AssGeir May 09, 2005
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