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'Thanks for the Cache'. Term frequently used in online logs of individuals reporting the successful location of a Geocache.
Found the cache located under a bridge next to a peaceful bend in the river. TFTC.
by Mark Luscher June 03, 2005
654 458
Too frat to care
bro: "my gf finally caught me cheating and dumped me, but I dont give a f***"

bro 2: "You're TFTC, plenty of slampeices in the university."
by sratstar123 June 22, 2010
1010 287
Too Fat To Climb

In road cycling parlance this indicates that the rider is too heavy to properly ascend hills and mountains.
After being off the bike through winter, Dick is TFTC
by Champagne Charlie January 02, 2013
51 65
Too fly to care.
"Man, look at that girl Jeannie, she is TFTC."
by jeannersx3 December 26, 2009
102 391