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TEU (Throw Em' Up)

There’s often those times when tea-bagging a friend, or getting epic revenge on a dirty ex deserves some recognition. These are times when not one middle finger will suffice, but the almighty double.

Term coined by
This Idiot got me angry...So I TEU
by MandarinChick November 15, 2010
1. Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit. A shipping container 20 feet long, 8 feet high, and 8 1/2 feet wide, used all over the shipping industry (the standard size makes them very interchangable and stackable).

2. A person who is so standard for the society that they live in that they resemble a TEU in terms of interchangability and stackability.
1. He died after an accident with a crane and a TEU.

2. He canceled his vacation because his boss didn't want him to go to Amsterdam... what a TEU!
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
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