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Nick's lame attempt to copy TRL and try to teenage viewers. I haven't seen a single teen who watches "Naked Brothers Band", "ICarly", or even "Unfabulous".

On their website, they have a bunch of crappy games, celebrity flipbooks, and a message board which people talk like "RoFl every TEENick show is the best"! They also have guest stars who spin the bottle and tell shitty jokes.
"Saturday, I'm gonna have a sleepover for the upcoming "Naked Brothers Band movie on TEENick wanna come?"

"No, TEENick is for babies."
by shadowmshake January 16, 2008
Nickelodeon's pathetic attempt to appeal to the Teenage audience. However, with such disney-esque shows as "Zoey 101", "Ned's Declassified", "Romeo!", among others, no teenager with a freaking brain would want to tolerate that crap.

They try to make it appealing with MTV-style introductions, and with "celebrity" guests who play stupid games, however, these attempts only drive away potential viewers.
12-year-old who thinks he's cool: OMG!!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR ZOEY TO COME ON!!!!!!

Normal teenager: Stfu.
by Kevin April 17, 2005
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