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To get your "lights" knocked out.
To get fucked very well.
"Knock All Ya Lights Out, Teco!"
by YoungWildNFree January 01, 2012
While surf travelling, a restaurant you find that has cheap food. It has to be in a surf spot that has good waves...and nothing else to do in the place! A great place to get your surf on cause there is fark else all to do where there is a Teco. After a while it has to feel like groundhog day. You get up, eat the same thing for breakfast as you did for the past 6 days, surf, go have an equally monotonous lunch, surf, swing in a hammock, sleep,, dinner. Every bloody day...

The old bag running the joint may or may not try to rip you off hard. She thinks you are a stupid gringo...and drunk. If she tells you you drank 40 beers between you and your mates, argue with her over the tab in your inebriated state, cause you just know she is trying to rip you also may be worth taking a calculator cause you are too drunk to do simple addition in your head.
Mate, found another Teco here in central america, Im staying here for as long as I can cause the surf is full sick...and I am a tight arse.
by Raymond Mancy October 31, 2007
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