It stands for too damn halarious... It means too damn halarious, or for all u stupid people it means the funniest thing EVER!!!
It was TDH @ P.F. Chang's

Memphis was TDH!

7th grade was TDH
Top Definition
Tall dark and handsome.
Give me a TDH Italian any day.
by CougarSW2 November 10, 2004
Abbreviation for italian "Testa di Hazzo" (Dickhead) or "Teste di Hazzo" (Dichheads).

"Hazzo" is how has to be pronunced the italian word "Cazzo" (Dick) following the slang of Florence citizens.

Instead of "Testa/e" (Head/Heads) in some cases results more endearing using "Testina" (Little Head) or "Testine" (Little Heads). In addiction, "Testina/e" can be used alone also.

It seems that TDH was born in 2006 as a locution and a way to greet inside the Six Bars Jail folk guitar club (, from one of the founding member. Usually the term TDH alone is used in public to call someone of the club with some sort of discreetness.

It's not possible to make use of TDH to insult or offend someone but only to joke. The long form "Testa/e di Hazzo" or "Testina/e" must be pronounced in an odd and funny way.
- allora testine di hazzo, che si diceva ?
- care le mie teste di hazzo!
- tdh ! venite qua.
- testine di hazzo 'ome ll'era la porchetta?
by Walking' The Strings August 20, 2011
"Tiny Dick Hole" also a very elite select few techies.
Everytime I get home all you've done all day is climax. Stop being a TDH.
by zakkatx August 15, 2013
Too damn hot.
*Hawt girl walks by*
Person 1: Dayuuuummm that girl is TDH
Person 2: Oh yah I'd hit that any day of the week.
by LawlCakez November 19, 2010
Abbreviation for "Teenage DickHead." - a large subset of teenagers, almost always (99.9%) male, who enjoy acting like idiots, being obnoxious, and making fun of people for no good reason.

It is speculated that these teens have contracted a viral illness called "teenage dickheaditis," which can be caught as early as 13 years old. The infection clears by age 25, if not sooner.

Sometimes a really good ass-kicking will cure the infection spontaneously.

"Teenage DickHead.... its only Teenage DickHead.....
Their all DickHeads!" (song parody)
Jenny: "What are those guys going on the corner, drinking and insulting people for no reason?"

Mary: "What a bunch of fucking TDH's! They need to get their asses kicked!"
by N0tMyRe@lName February 17, 2010
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