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Tiny Bulge. Often seen when a male wears tight pants.
His lululemon pants showed of his TB a "little" too much.
by Khalisa December 05, 2007
12 31
tired buns, tired butt, caused by sitting too long
I gotta stand up. I have TB.
by oneoldgeezer August 25, 2007
5 26
Teeny Bopper
Someone, mostly a girl, who acts older than there age. They are try hardy, and where clothes much older than them. Also, they write, like the example below.
"Oh my god, I just totally got this "love the oc" top from supre. in pink!! its soo cool. my friends are like gonna love it!"

"Omg..diS iS lIkE sOoOo kOoliiiiieez!"
by Jennyly June 11, 2005
10 31
Temporary Boo. Kicking it with someone for 1 to 3 mths. Anything more than 3 mths is FUBU (Full time boo.) LOL
Being in GTMO, dating here is like a hobby that is why I need a TB.
by hopeless_in_gtmo February 03, 2008
4 26
If you keep your clothes on in bed, then you’re a TB.
As said from Fridae. Reference to lesbians.
Look up tbg
A girl asked me whether I was tb or tbg, and I told them I was tbg.
by little_one September 12, 2007
17 39
titty bar. (i.e. strip club)*
*can only be used in an exclamatory fashion.
Tom: What do you want to do tonight man?

Drew: TB!
by Personman01 May 14, 2007
10 32
A short form of the term tripping balls.
It is defined as being under heavy influence of psychedelic drugs, such as LSD.
Sam : It's fun to drive while TB
by joemommä May 02, 2007
4 26
To be teleport blocked,a Runescape term.
Vercetti 69: Oh.. Td's hit and running us, I just got 5 minute Tb'd.
5 Minutes of screaming and yelling like a 5 year old later...
Sunchasa: I'll drop you brews get you out of this Tb mate, just let me check on my scout...

by SBL December 06, 2006
12 34