Tiny Bulge. Often seen when a male wears tight pants.
His lululemon pants showed of his TB a "little" too much.
by Khalisa December 05, 2007
Toronto Boy. Usually involves gel based hairdos and seemingly expensive clothes including leather (or pleather) jackets. Often seen outside clubs downtown with groups of other TBs dressed identical.
"The sidewalk outside your building was super packed with TBs waiting to get into that club."
by Van Def May 16, 2005
If you keep your clothes on in bed, then you’re a TB.
As said from Fridae. Reference to lesbians.
Look up tbg
A girl asked me whether I was tb or tbg, and I told them I was tbg.
by little_one September 12, 2007
tired buns, tired butt, caused by sitting too long
I gotta stand up. I have TB.
by oneoldgeezer August 25, 2007
titty bar. (i.e. strip club)*
*can only be used in an exclamatory fashion.
Tom: What do you want to do tonight man?

Drew: TB!
by Personman01 May 14, 2007
A tease reference for anybody with the ability to teleport, or the tendancy to appear out of nowhere. In this context it is short-term for 'Teleporting Bastard'; Also unrelatedly short-term for tuberculosis.
I.E. Scorpion of the game Mortal Kombat(MK) is an example of a TB in video games.
by Srž Tanjur July 23, 2006
Short for "Taco Bell" Best fast food place ever
Lets go hit up TB and get some of the best food ever.
by l2yan April 16, 2006
Teeny Bopper
Someone, mostly a girl, who acts older than there age. They are try hardy, and where clothes much older than them. Also, they write, like the example below.
"Oh my god, I just totally got this "love the oc" top from supre. in pink!! its soo cool. my friends are like gonna love it!"

"Omg..diS iS lIkE sOoOo kOoliiiiieez!"
by Jennyly June 11, 2005

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