A verb used to describe communication of ideas.
Derived from the word 'talk'
Dean would know, you should tak with him.
by slicedlime May 29, 2011
It is both a noun and a verb in Persian (Farsi) for "Deliberate Missed Call". In Iran, like when we try to make a "remark" or "confirmation" via cellphone to somebody, sometimes instead of texting or calling that person we just "tak" them and they get a "tak". I think it'd be so perfect if in English you use this notion and word.
"So, when the dinner is ready, I will give you a tak so that you can come over, okay?"

"I don't understand. Why is she tak'ing me all the time?"

"Why don't you give me a tak so I can have your number?"

"Please don't tak me any more. It really disturbs me a lot."
by Persian Headbanger January 29, 2010
An awesomely Weird froobcake.
Player 1: who is that froobcake?
Player 2: Shes weird
Player 3: thats tak shes awesome.
by Tak_Takky_Tak October 18, 2009
A "Tak" is to kill someone who wants to die, through a sexually or ritualistic ceremony; To "Tak" someone is to fulfilling your Homicidal fantasies through someone else's suicidal desires.
She wanted me to "Tak" her life.; A person who i had known for years, and whom i knew had many emotional problems, Had asked me to preform a Tak on her. I agreed.
by Bandaged November 10, 2011
to drink a shitload of alcohol in one night
Dude I want to tak and forget everything that happened
by J.Mace May 19, 2007
Internet talk for the term "Thats a knee slapper" used in typed form or said out loud.
Will: Dude shes sooooooooooo bomb
Other Guy: hahaha taks
by spencerr May 19, 2008
not a very well known abbreviation for sarcastically saying "that's a knee slapper"
often mistaken for saying 'thanks'
*hears a stupid joke*
"Oh yeah, taks"
by Kim March 28, 2004

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