Todd AIDS. Bad luck. A Jinx. The Mush. The cooler. When he speaks, it is the kiss of death.
1. When you are sitting at the blackjack table with Todd or someone like him, and they say "you've got a winner with your 20" and then the dealer pulls 21 with 8 cards. TAIDS.

2. When you are watching your fantasy football team, and your player is having a good game, Todd comments on that and then your player gets hurt and is out for the year. TAIDS
by No MAS August 28, 2012
Top Definition
Getting a STD from someone going down on you with bad teeth.

It has been said the germs inside rotten and or missing teeth will cause this infection
She got Taids last night at the party where 18 men went down on her in a miata
by Steve says: January 23, 2011
bad, wrong, messed up, broken, not fuctioning correctly, lame, dirtied up.
After the party, my apartment was totally taid. After the party I was taid!
by Taioneon July 08, 2011
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