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"They Are Dumb As Hell"
1) You read a really stupid post or see someone do something stupid in a video. Respond with a simple "TADAH".
2) Any time Congress is in session. TADAH.
3) When you are at your significant other's family gathering... TADAH.
4) People who think America is 2014 years old. TADAH.
5) People Of Walmart. TADAH, TADAH.
by HoraceWhimp January 07, 2014
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A word to say when you did something really stupid.
Victor: You broke mom's favorite vase!

Kevin: TA DAH!
by Andrew Z. May 31, 2007
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ta-dah is everything and anything, ta-dah most of the time is shagged, it could be that girl you pulled last night may have been well ta-dah, or you may plan on ta-dah-ing the hell out of your mates mam, or maybe you wanna ta-dah the fuck out of someone because you hate them, maybe in ten years time you'll be partying in ayai napa in a nightclub called ta-dah, getting ta-dah'd could also mean gettin absolutely mortal, or maybe, just maybe you may soon be watching a jackass spin off made by two cumbrian girls named "TA-DAH", or it could just simply mean your very tired.
'he's gettin ta-dah'd tonight'
'corr i wanna gan and get ta-dah'd tonight boiz, sesh on'
'i ta-dah'd the fuck outa him he was bleedin all owa'
'jeeeese im ta-dah'd'
by kiclo April 07, 2008
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