albanian swear word
it means:fuck your ....
Dude1:fuck you

Dude2: ta qi motren ►(sister)
Dude1 & Dude2 just started a beef :S
by Bujaros97 December 19, 2012
Taqi is one of the prettiest girls you could ever meet. She usually has long blonde curly hair, and makes all the boys get a stiffy.
She is sweet-humoured, and usually very good at sucking. Another thing of her amazing talents is.... she can take it up the bum!
She doesn't have the biggest boobs ever, infact they are rather small. But to all the guys out there, don't let that put you off, because Taqi is an amazing girl!
Person 1: "have you seen that beautiful girl Taqi?"
Person 2: "yeah, but her boobs are a bit small"
Person 1: "i don't care, she has an amazing ass!"
Person 2: "I hope she takes it up the bum!"
by allieee95 May 30, 2011

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