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an acronym for "Today Is The Shit"
usually used before a day u kno will
be really good so you label it "TiTS"
person #1: Yooo we gon get fucked up

person #2: yea its gon be T.i.T.S.
by Don Costales April 27, 2008
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Testeron-Induced Tourette's Syndrome

When increased hormone levels causes an uncontrollable urge to spout profanity or sexual innuendoes. Often limited to one word sentences, such as "tits" or "pussy".
Alcohol can act as a catalyst for this type of behaviour.
A phenomenon most commonly seen among young males.
Morten: "I can't believe he just said that!"

René: "Propably just a case of the T.I.T.S."

David: "Let's go to Burger King"
by 2300what! July 22, 2011
Totally Irrational Tummy Syndrome.
This is the informal term for someone with stomach issues, but he or she is not sure why. It could be a virus, stomach ache, allergy, or anything else. Nobody knows.
I can't go out tonight because my stomach hurts. -Becky
What's wrong? -Friends
I'm not sure so I guess it's just T.I.T.S. -Becky
by A. Browningtonworth June 05, 2011
Time In The Saddle. As in bicycle saddle, but can also mean motorcycle or horse "saddle".
#1. Nothing cures a hangover like some T.I.T.S.
#2. Hey man there's nothing like T.I.T.S. to bring you out of that funk, seriously.

#3. My taint is all chewed up from all the T.I.T.S. I've been getting.
by oprfcc January 13, 2010

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