Taste it motherfucker.

Not some guy Tim with the last name starting with F.
After you beat someone at a game you tell them timf.
by Jesuswtf January 31, 2004
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Top Definition
Titties In My Face.... Famous words which were first uddered After a Visit to club 6144 and a long drunken night at the strip club. When ever you go to a strip club and you recieve a "Titty Hug" you are obligated to scream " Titties In My Face" as loud and as obnoxious as humanly possible, to ensure that everyone around you Knows that there are tits in your face.
We Went to the tit bar and got T.I.M.F.
#tits #titties #face #in #strip club
by Chris Rado April 12, 2007
Acronym for Titties In My Face

can be used as an advervb
That shit was TIMF!!!
#titties #in #my #face #bamf
by Dylanish March 24, 2008
titties in my face
#tits #in #my #face #boobs #slang
by joeshcneckie August 26, 2008
acronym for Titties In My Face!

an expression one might exclaim in a strip club
-omg i got titties in my face! (I got T.I.M.F)

-dude, how was your friday night?

-it was AWESOME man, i got T.I.M.F.
#titties #tits #tittybar #strippers #facial
by TimBobDouche August 03, 2009
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