o.k. rapper, but not the king of the south. when u got lil scrappy, lil jon, luda, etc. u cant call urself the king of the south. but a good rapper. best song is Bring em out.
U Dont Know Me
Prayin For Help
by rapfanatic July 27, 2005
A southern rapper who thinks he is Jay Z. Got knocked the fuck out by Lil Flip.
"Damn T.I.,you got knocked the fuck out!!!"
by cory tee May 04, 2005
Punk bitch turd from ATL who can't rap for shit.
Damn, what a punk! He got knocked out like a bitch by Lil Flip.
by I forget May 09, 2005
hatin azz rapper dat trys to get famous off lil flip, also has a big old head and no brains
yall heard dat bobblehead t.i sayin he's "king of tha south" he aint shit
by HTOWNBALLA November 21, 2004
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