like my man Spc Arenas said. TI is a cunt. Fukin retard that catn rap. Brings shame to da dirty and cant even be compared to Lil Flip. Lil Flip is the King.

Ti gets the shit kicked out of him. U are a CUNT.
Ti is a cunt, Ti is a wanker, TI cant rap, cant act, cant do shit. TIP go and suck a dick, any 1 disses lil Flip and Luda should be shot.

U aint the king of da south u da king of gettin blown by a man. U gay Fuck.
by MY NAME IS TI AND I AM CUNT April 01, 2005
See tarted
1. Wishes he was lil flip
2. cant flow like flip
3. brings shame to tha dirty
ti is a cunt. Takes six inches in tha butt.
by Spc Arenas February 20, 2005
a atlanta (Bankhead native) who is married to Tameka from Xscape; has 4 children named Messiah, Domani, Daisia, and King; he is 24; his birthday is on November 25th; and he is my baby daddy to Daisia.
Linda and T.I. has a baby together named Daisia at Grady Hospital
by Linda Harris January 30, 2005
Abbreviation for Texas Instruments, a kind of calculator preferred for use in the Virginia Beach City Public High School system.
Damn it, I left my TI-83 at home, and I have a test today!
a new-school rapper who represents the 'A' and has no musical talent at all,cant rap,and hasnt done or contributed anything to the genre so hes not a part of hip-hop kulture according to tha professor KRS-ONE

just because he got arrested (and probably raped in prison)people say hes 'hard'.......Aaron Carter got arrested too and hes not hard is he??

%90 of what t.i. says he never actually DOES....so what does he stand for???
people here who dont know anything about hip-hop say t.i. the best rapper out there...........listen to Ice Cube,KRS-One,Tupac,Snoop Dogg and youll know what real hip-hop is
by tha truth teller June 06, 2006
some loser rapper who can't rhyme and has sucky beats. goddam. he's an example of how stupid people can get rich today. Ludacris can actually make rhymes like Eminem. TI is just aosdfjoasdfoaisndf
Man T.I. blows. He is like the stupidist rapper in the world and i dont think he is worth anything that he owns.
by shibbayyyyyy May 17, 2006
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