to stuff delicious ravioli into one's mouth
"Let's get together and Ti before Grey's Anatomy."
by t0260k December 01, 2006
short for that is. originating from a lazy swede using it in is icq-conversations.
- i´ll do the same as today, ti nothing.
by maverick September 10, 2004
The abriviation for Treasure Island the strip club.
Lets all go to TI!
by your mamma March 05, 2003
A rapper who likes to whine alot
If I wanted to hear a black person whine I'll turn on Cops or Judge Judy.

TI looks and sounds like he never broke puberty.
by Lotuseater July 27, 2006
Ti is my name.

some american peep cant say Ti, so they thought it was Tea like Ice Tea, how supit are u peep.
my name is Ti, so get it rite. Not Tea!!!
by Ti Nguyen December 04, 2003
the irish(meaning they suck crap)
by BAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 25, 2003
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