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the proper way to pronounce this is TAM-FUMO-ABUH-S
this is worst insult you can do to a woman of above average weight. it stands for the absolute most fucking ugly mother of a blue back whale slut. this emphasis' the point of them being ugly, fat, slutty, and overall just undesirable...should only be used if a fat woman burns you and you have nothing else in mind to say.
Man: holy shit your fat i wouldnt touch you with a ten foot pole with a condom on the end!
Friend: oh snap!
Fat woman: that aint what you said last night.
Friend: omg nasty...
Man: ugh gross you are T.A.M.F.U.M.O.A.B.B.W.S.
Fat woman: *shock* *Silence* *cry*
by iseeuglypeople32 July 17, 2007

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