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T-shirt training refers to going to the gym with the sole purpose of gettin' buff for da ladiezzzzz. Often performed before a big night out in order to look fresh, a t-shirt training session involves doing bench press, biceps curls and tricep extensions in order to get PUMPED!!!!!!! Although such a routine will leave you with a disproportionate upper body half, this is not an issue as massive 'guns' are DENCHHHHH!!!!

It is a well know fact that if you perform a big t-shirt sesh before a night out, you are 99.99% more likely to get laid.
"Yo playa, you gonna put in a t-shirt training sesh before going out tonight?"

"You know it brother gotta stay fresh for ma bitches. LEAVE IT YEAH!!!"
by Ali A-H May 12, 2012
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