A strong man who makes good decisions and is generally regarded as a leader. Testosterone man.
George W. Bush is NOT a T-man.
by VW October 16, 2003
Top Definition
1) A bad ass dude that takes no shit.
2) An East coast goth influenced guitarist with a chunky metal sound.
3) in general, a dude you don't want to fuck with.
4) street version of the name Tom
1) T-man just knocked that dude out his fubus!
2) T-man was shredding it up last Tuesday night.
3) Beware, T-man is on the prowl!
4) Tom, uh, T-man, what up dog?
by smd March 08, 2005
One who provides sexual services to the elderly.
"i got a tman to cheer up Grandad"
by God Almighty January 11, 2005

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