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One who is not physically homeless but demonstrates transient/homeless characteristics.

Such as:

Random outburst ignited by just about anything.

Mood swings that start off with smiles and end up with anger tantrums or vice versa.

Philosophical moments of which he/she feels they have reached enlightment and therefor can give life advice in a condescending manner.
You: Hey, how is going?

T-T / Transient Temper response: Fuck off, I hate you!

You: I need help, can you give me a hand?
T-T / Transient Temper response: I feel sorry for you.

You: I am not going to finish the fries, do you want them?
T-T / Transient Temper response: I don't want your fucking charity! Fuck you and die!
by Tenoch Itzel October 17, 2010

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