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The successor to the T-Mobile G1. Released in late 2010, it is the first phone on T-Mobile's lineup that has HSPA+ capabilities. Before, T-Mobile's HSPA+ network was restricted to wireless broadband cards/modems.

Known in other parts of the world as the HTC Desire Z, the G2/Desire Z are both HTC Vision phones, and as such can run ROMs of each other with virtually little to no lag at all. The Desire Z is unique as its namesake comes from the slider hinge that reveals the physical keyboard. Instead of sliding straight up, instead, it slides up and over, thus giving it a sort of Z-shape motion.

When it comes down to rooting the device, the process has been somewhat simplified from what it was two years ago, but the problem is that "one-click" rooting methods like SuperOneClick and Z4root don't work. Instead, you first need to gain temporary root access, and then use the Android Terminal Emulator to gain S-OFF and something else, at which point you can gain root access.
Isaac: *sigh* When is the iPhone 5 coming out? I'm bored of my jailbroken iPhone 4.

Andy: Dude, get a T-Mobile G2. Sure it ain't the best HSPA+ device on T-Mo, but still it gets the job done.
by the5abiking March 27, 2011

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