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verb. To T-Ass-S.

A play on TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) the staph infection typically contracted by women when tampons are used for longer than 8 hours. "T-Ass-S" is the act of inserting a super-absorbancy tampon with a card-board applicator in the anus of a man by a woman during sex, against his will, potentially causing Toxic Shock Syndrome of the ass. Tampon may or may not be left in the ass for more than 8 hours.
Girl: "So I roofied this guy at the bar last night and brought him home and totally T-Ass-S-ed him."

Girl: "Bought him a drink, told him he looked hot, next thing he knew he was being T-Ass-S-ed in the bathroom."
#sexual positions #female dominance #male submissions #s&m #menstruation
by GirlOnTop November 06, 2010
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