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A quick and inoffensive way of letting your friends know that it's about time to leave.

T 2 G = Time To Go

Can be accompanied with hand signals (time out; 2 fingers up; left hand pointer lying on thumb of right hand with the palm and fingers of the right hand curled over the left pointer in a backwards C)
"T2G?" "yea let's bounce"
"You see that SlamPig walk in? T 2 G !"
"T2G?" "T2G."
by neverward0 May 06, 2009

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t2g is short for 'time to go' or 'it's time to go'.
Girl1: "Sry, t2g. I'll ttyl."
Girl2: "What's t2g?"
Girl1: "Time to go. bye, luv yah."
by riaxreinventedxlove June 01, 2009