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is an expression meaning to give sympathy for someone who doesn't deserve it. The devil was kicked out of Heaven and most would feel sympathy for him, but what everyone should realize is that he deserved to be thrown out.
I feel sorry for that baby rapist, because he got the death penalty.
Man, that's sympathy for the devil you fool.
by J. McLain January 19, 2006
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1. a notorious hit song from a famous album from the late Sixties by the legendary Rolling Stones. It briefly describes humanity's history of violence and lust for power and wealth from the point-of-view of Satan, AKA "the Devil" among other names. The title comes from a book written earlier in the 20th Century. Many bands such as U2 and Guns 'N' Roses have covered this song live in concert.

2. a term used to describe something (like a story) from the viewpoint or perspective of someone infamous or evil. The villian's side of the story, or at least how he/she sees or experiences it.
1. Allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste...

When I saw the Rolling Stones in concert in 1997 they performed many hits, including "Symphony For The Devil". A great show. See them before they drop dead on the stage.

2. When the Star Wars movie The Phantom Menace was in the cinemas during the spring of 1999, a reviewer featured in a local alternative press weekly paper stated that the film was based largely on the life story of Anakin Skywalker who would later become the infamous villian Darth Vader later on. The critic referred to this by saying "now it's sympathy for the devil time".

3. the media (especially network TV) gave a buttery and rosy summary of the career of a certain politician who died that day. He had made a strong legacy and track record of arrogance, hatred, ignorance, bigotry, bullying, trying to force his views on America by methods such as trying to force censorship against everything he didn't like, and so on. The media presented him as some sort of "country gentleman" but I remember how he tried to use the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper. I guess it was sympathy for the devil time now. But I remember his hateful scornful attitude and I say he was an enemy of democracy and he can BURN IN HELL.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice July 10, 2008
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