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That one friend of your's that you're not very close with that constantly bugs you to hangout with them. If they see pictures of you and your friends on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat they'll guilt trip you for not inviting them out with your friends. Typically, they're a last resort when it comes to inviting friends over. If your closer friends have plans, then you hangout with your "sympathy friends". You don't really like them much because they're either really annoying, obnoxious, offensive, rude, maybe even notorious for spreading lies, drama and/or probably eating all your food and drinking all your drinks in your house. Your close friends and your parents probably don't really like them either and probably agree that they shouldn't be invited over to your house ever again. But sometimes you kinda feel sorry for them that they're bored and friendless and junk. So you invite them over every once and a while. But when you do bring them over, you make sure they don't stay for too long. As a result, you try to shoo them away subtly after a couple of hours of hanging out with them and try your hardest not to punch them in the face when they say or do something really shitty.
Me: Aw man. All of our besties are out of town for the weekend, who else do you think would hangout with us?
Your friend: Ugh your sympathy friends probably aren't doing anything right now.

Me: Ugh noooooo I don't wanna hangout with them.
Your friend: But if you don't and they see pics of us online then they'll get mad
Me: Ugh fine I'll call them.
by M. Cruz August 10, 2014
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