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To upgrade, to make better, to give more than expected.
You would syce me if you went ahead and did me that favor.
Commonly used in this context in Washington, DC
by JayMa1280 December 26, 2007
(v.) - too stretch the truth, to over exaggerate; to make overstatements.

D-Black: My nigga Beyoncé has the most voluptuous ass on the planet!

G.Sonnét: Beyoncé's butt isn't even that phat don't syce it.
by Giovanni S. ™ November 23, 2007
To raise somebody's spirits by complimenting them, for the purpose of instigating something. Generally, one does this to the weaker of two opponents so that they will believe they can win.
"Syce that man's head up! Make that nigga fight!"
Which would be accomplished by....
"C'mon man; think about all the time you spent in the gym! Just cause that man's bigger than's the size of the fight in the dog, not the size of the dog in the fight!"
by Hookz March 23, 2007
to ask for something or take for oneself; steal. Mainly used around Silver Spring, MD and Washington D.C.
Yo Tyrone, go syce that guy's fitted. It would match my Air Forces and Jersey so well.

She wouldn't give me my money back so I just syced that shit from her.

Cashier: "Can I take your order?"

Sycer: "Syce me with that fried chicken bitch."
by fataytay March 15, 2009
(v) To steal or obtain through illegitimate means
I don't want to pay for that shirt, so I'm going to syce it
by CaptainHammer April 12, 2010
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