he's a creepy guy. creep creepy f*cking guy
swtdrmssi like the cawk
by avidsi July 14, 2004
Top Definition
Pathetic loser who has to resort to internet "e-pimpin" to try to get girls. Has high hopes of getting in female forum members' pants, but sadly only has his hand for comfort when the day is over.
SwtDrmsSi is still a virgin.
by simon March 16, 2004
One who makes a member of the opposite sex unbearably uncomfortable through words and actions not appropriate for the level of familiarity the two may share.

See also stalker, creep, and loser
"SwtDrmsSi sent me a video of himself that I did not request and it was creepy as fuck!"

"SwtDrmsSi got my cell number from my away message and called to tell me I was special"
by Shitty McGurgles March 16, 2004
An online stalker who makes gay ass video clips of himself being all sweet and shit to send to unsuspecting female members of a message board.
SwtDrmsSi creeps the fuck out of me by sending me that video clip! Eek!
by Beanstalk March 12, 2004
stop making fun of me
SwtDrmsSi is a cool person, i was just being nice. I didnt think it would go this far, omg i hate myself...

im going to go watch DeGrassi Junior High now...
by Dan March 15, 2004
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