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Species of human (usually male) who keep real Swords in their house mostly for show and occasionally for demonstration/fantasy Role playing at Anime or Renaissance festivals. Easy ways to identify a Sword Guy are a pronounced attraction to Anime Cosplaying and The Syfy channel, As well as being over the age of 22 and still being into Yu-Gi-Oh and Naruto.
Ex. He wears that headband from Naruto out in public. He's Such a sword guy.
by PC Kidd September 05, 2009
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The Player in halo two who
gets the sword and, if he/she has any skills they become a serious threat.
Holy fuck cakes!
There is a sword guy in that room!
Watch out!

shit the sword guy killed me!
by Gamer tag: Delta scythe March 04, 2005

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