heaps cool swiss chick from central switzerland
I might be a swissmiss...hmmm
by missli April 12, 2007
Top Definition
When you "accidentally" miss the vagina and end up in the ass.
"She was really getting into it until I gave her the swiss miss".
by BProfane June 02, 2009
The hottest woman on earth. Especially with those braids.
Did you see the Swiss Miss today, god damn!
by Donjo May 09, 2006
hot chocolate....as in hot black boy
mmmm that is some nice swiss miss right there!
by little debbie March 24, 2008
When a guy is with 2 girls and he gets no action, but the girls hook up with each other. Like Switzerland, the guy remains neutral and misses an opportunity to be with 2 girls.
Last night, I watched 2 girls hook up and I was a swiss miss. We were all hanging out and next thing I know, they're hooking up and I got swiss missed.
by Martita Papita June 27, 2010
During sexual intercourse, while ejaculating, you aim for her face but unfortunately... you miss
Dude i was about to blow
And then i fucking missed!
Haha... a swiss miss
by diggit hefner and frenchie December 12, 2008
when you are getting your dick sucked and you let a large anal gas explosion go into a girls mouth
This fat bitch was sucking my dick and i gave her the swiss miss, she didn't miss a beat she just took it in.
by Jmeat February 15, 2009
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