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The way I do the swirly thing on my girl is to suck (gently) on her clitoral area(hood and all but not down into her pussy lips) with my lips and use my tongue all over that area, you'll know when your tongue has found her clitoris, flick your tongue up, down, left, right, swirl it, whatever. she'll come in under 3 mins every time. Oh, just another tip, all this attention on her clit still leaves plenty of room for you to slide a finger in her pussy and do the come hither motion to hit her G-spot, plus using your middle finger to lightly rub her anus at the same time will cause her to have an orgasm so hard she'll be weak in the knees for a bit afterwards.
My boyfriend went down on me last night and did the swirly thing. It made me cum so hard, I nearly squirted his face.
by not my bag baby May 28, 2012
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