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The specialized rotation of the tongue during the act of getting head from a girl of your choice.
Oh, gee, Hillary, thanks for that magnificent rotation of the tongue. I believe you have perfected your swirl job.

by Italian Sausage June 02, 2006

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The act of swirling of the back of the head on a male. The swirling motion is always done in a counter-clockwise motion. Most people have a clockwise swirl, this is the only swirls you can preform this on, if they have a counter-clockwise swirl they are considered EXTREMELY gay. The point of attack is the back of the scalp where there is the least amount of hair.
Guy 1:Dude do you want to give my mom a swirl-job.

Guy 2:I thought that was exceedingly dangerous.

Guy 1:No, that's a Chex-Job.

Guy 2:Oh!
by allybouudy June 03, 2011