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Swine shits are the worst of all shits that typically appear around the flue season. They smell, sound, and look horrible. They usually occur randomly every few hours with explosive power. They are also the worst smelling of all shits. A well ventilated area is recommended.
Sorry I had to leave, I ran home to take a swine shit.

friend: That sucks. Swine shits are not meant for public restrooms.
by RamMan September 23, 2009
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When one surpasses the level of fuckboy, the next step in a bitch ass' evolution occurs. Can only be achieved when holding a fuckstone turning trade. Basically when you become such a fuckboy there wasn't a word to discribe you, till now.
Swineshit) - Yo, I was at the party on halloween and I took body shots off a girl and almost kissed one of them! Oh bro it was so coool!
(Yo ass) - Nigga you beyond therapy, you ain't even a fuckboy Gtfo with your swineshit crap.
by Willshady January 03, 2016

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