(Swig-el): noun: Meaning less than masculine Swagger.
See Kobe Bryant 'All White' photo shoot. Prime example of Swiggle.
by LB Da Milkman May 04, 2010
An amount of liquid taken in one swallow. Unlike the word 'swig', this term only refers to liquids of an alcoholic nature.
Please Sir, may I bother you for a swiggle of your of your whiskey?
by Henry Hoffman September 07, 2006
Verb: To swerve, as in driving a car, quickly and abruptly from side to side. Tactic often used to see cars that are right on your ass when you're driving a trailer and can otherwise not see them.
I swiggled to see the Honda so far up my ass it became invisible on my way to Lake Eaton.
by Sir Camps-a-lot May 31, 2010
below average grade marijuana
Guy: “You got some Sour Diesel?”
Other Guy: “No, just swiggles...”
Guy: “Nevermind..."
by Oaklandazulasylum December 15, 2010

A small slice of pizza, cake, pie, or anything similar.
May I have a swiggle more of cake?
by letmeeatcake October 08, 2010
a variation on the word sweet, or awesome, used by moranic white private school boys to try and sound ghetto
swiggles, this shit is of da heezy yo!

swiggles i'm a dumbass
by one single tear December 18, 2006
Swiggle - To have swag but on the level above. Popularized by our lord and savior David Phillips, it has since grown to be more meaningful than swag.
Only that kid David has swiggle
by CamAtMe June 09, 2014
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