To live by your own rules; Do what u want to do; Drink, smoke, and take anything to get you fucked up!; Having no regrets; living life by the moment.
Doctor," You should really keep it easy." Person " Man fuck you Doc im keepin it SWEEZY!"

"I am so sweezd right now!"
by John lee peppermint February 05, 2010
Top Definition
A word that 'cool' people will use to describe something being awesome/peng/grade/piff/sick/wonderful etc.
Everyone can use the word, even if you're white and skinny..

If used correctly, it can shift to be used in many different situations..
I saw him last night.. His body was totally peng.. Sweezy!
by AIMEE_NIGGA. July 23, 2011
The essence of life. Also, cool.
Let's get sweezy shlammerred tonight!
by The AllMight-Sweet-Saucin-Cock February 01, 2011
A popular word for the Swine Flu. Sweezy is spread by pigs and now humans. Since Jews are alergic to pork they are kosher to it and have an immunity.
Dude did you hear that sweezy is spreading like wild fire to all them mexicans.

Dude that chick has sweezy stay away from her pig rolls.
by two girls one coop April 27, 2009
flu symptoms associated with touching, kissing, licking, or getting coughed on by a pig. The pig flu
We thought Coop had meningitis, but it was a hella serious case of the sweezy.
by eroch2342354 April 27, 2009
Its the combination of the word sweet and easy

It usually is used when an action/result/move has a sweet result but it was easy to do/make
If you throw a paper ball out of the window and it hits your foe in the head the result is sweet and throwing a paper ball is easy = sweezy
- Dude I just easily jumped over 10 feet with my skateboard

- wow sweet jump,soo sweezy dude
by ccdff February 27, 2014
Meaning gay. Some what slang word from the Cheyenne Arapahoe indians used to describe people of the homosexual kind.
"I heard he was sweezy."
"What?! I could have sworn he was into women"
by Garrett lewis October 08, 2014
A sandwich made by placing a York Peppermint Patty between two thick pieces of cheddar cheese. The name comes from the fact that the sandwich is both sweet and cheesy.
"This sweezy tastes terrible!"
by nebergall April 14, 2008

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