Giving all your attention to your someone special without interruptions.
Get off the phone with all that SweetDicking
by Ms.Kee78 May 18, 2010
Top Definition
The act of spitting game to a woman in a very feminized way that only gets you laughed at upon returning to your "homies". This act of caking was introduced to the world by Dirty Jake.
Examples include arguing with said girlfriend for hours over virtually and absolutely nothing. Spending hours over the phone with your woman talking about how much you love her or absolutely nothing. Looking at your text log and finding out nothing important was said and include a various amount of smiley faces (not to be confused with the infamous winky face). Take the following sentence: "After hours of sweetdicking, he realized that he wasted valuable time he could have been using doing something useful."
by Rhymescheme January 31, 2010
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